National Global Enterprise Award

The National Global Enterprise Award will be presented to the best mini-company participating in the National Final of the Company Programme (school year 2014-15). The winning team will have proven excellent understanding of what globalisation entails for businesses, they identified the opportunities and challenges it brings to their own mini-company and they reached out to other mini-companies to form joint-ventures.

The national winners of the Global Enterprise Award will be hand-picked by a jury panel made up of representatives from ERT companies sponsoring GEP in each country. They will evaluate all the mini-companies participating in the National Company of the Year Competitions.

The criteria for the National  Global Enterprise Award are:

Strong mini-company performance - The mini-company is showing the ability to be profitable and   competitive, bring benefits to shareholders and secure long-term growth and job security. 


Globalisation - The team shows understanding of the global business environment (the opportunities and challenges globalisation poses to their business) and their product/ service is scalable on a global market.


International Cooperation - The team will have proven excellent understanding of international trade and presented how they utilized it in their international collaboration in the form of registered joint-venture with other mini-companies within the EwB network at


Teamwork- This criteria aims to asses the way in which the team is working together and the way in which the product is presented by the team.